Quesada Rodríguez


Área of Genetics

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+34 986 818 681

Short CV

I am currently Associate Professor of Genetics at the University of Vigo. I earned my PhD from the University of Santiago de Compostela, then moving to the University of Swansea (United Kingdom), and later to Barcelona University, where I held different research and teaching positions. My research is at the interface between evolutionary biology and molecular genetics. The main goal is to understand the processes by which organisms evolve and adapt to their environment and ultimately generate new species, the impact of historical and contemporary factors on patterns of genetic variation, and the detection of the molecular footprint of natural selection. Other topics of interest include the composition and heterogeneity of genomes, the genetic basis of inbreeding depression, and phylogenetics. My work focuses on marine species and model organisms such as Drosophila, using both gene-based and genome or transcriptome-based approaches, which facilitate an integrated view of the molecular mechanisms responsible for evolutionary change.